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Rosé en Folie

Rosé en Folie

Naturally sparking rosé, produced using a time-honoured method of vinification.
You’ll find in its colour, its sweetness (slightly sweet), its lightness (only 8% ABV), the fineness of its bubbles, and its delicate aromas of fresh berry fruits an element of indulgence and real delight.

Serve at 5–6°C as an aperitif, or with desserts (chocolate gateau).

Everything depends on the fermentation. After the grapes are pressed, fermentation commences in vats until the wine reaches 6–8% of alcohol. The temperature is then lowered to 0°C or even −2°C, stopping the activity of the yeasts. Then the wine is roughly filtered and bottled in champagne-style bottles, with caps, stored vertical. For around two months, a second fermentation, known as the ‘prise de mousse’, takes place in a cellar between 10 and 15°C: as the wine gradually warms up, fermentation begins again. The fermentation bottles are then opened and
the deposits removed, then final bottling can begin.
This is what creates the bubbles, in an entirely natural way.

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