Domaine du Château de la Valette

Life in the vineyards


The pruning season is from November (as soon as the leaves have fallen) till March. Pruning the vines is an important step with a major effect on proper fruiting.

The Vine

Respect for the environment is one of our concerns. The particular attention is needed throughout the vine’s growing season.


As soon as the first flowers appear on the vine, we can already predict the approximate date of the grape harvest, i.e. 90 to 100 days after flowering, varying slightly according to weather conditions.

Grape harvesting

To conserve the quality of the grapes, harvesting is carried out by hand. The grapes are sorted directly on the vine, and upon arriving at the vat-room on a sorting belt.
Our vinification remains traditional, the alcoholic fermentation is checked morning and evening; the harvested grapes are cooled before pressing to take full advantage of the aromas.
All these steps are controlled by an oenological analysis laboratory.

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