Domaine du Château de la Valette

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Fine ruby colour. A bouquet giving off berry fruit aromas with a tiniest hint of leafiness.
Well-rounded and harmonious on the palate, thanks to its freshness, its fruit, its suppleness, and its charm, which is greatly appreciated by many different wine connoisseurs, who are its loyal fans.


This is a wine that can accompany the whole meal.
For the freshness of its aromas, it can be drunk within the first year.
For full development, can be kept for 4 to 5 years

Gold Medal, <i>Concours Général Agricole</i>, Paris 2010 Gold Medal, Concours Général Agricole, Paris 2010.


Total area of all the appellations combined: 14 hectares
Area of the ‘Domaine du Château de la Valette’ in the Brouilly appellation: 6.60 hectares


Soil: alluvial soil – sandy – Alluvial – loose rock
Average age of vines: 58 years
Grape variety: White-juiced Gamay noir


Traditional - stored in enamelled vats for 6–8 months prior to bottling. Grapes picked by hand

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