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‘Cuvée Viking’

‘Cuvée Viking’

The vines on our estate have reached optimum maturity to enable us to offer an exceptional wine, vinified in the old-fashioned way: our ‘Viking’ wine

Its powerful aromas of leather and its note of ‘rose petals’ will delight your palate with a top-quality product.

The top-class, hand-finished bottle matches up to the prestige of this product.


This wine is the ideal accompaniment to meat dishes in sauce, game, and characterful cheeses.


Total area of all the appellations/i> combined: 14 hectares
From old vines on a plot in the Brouilly appellation


Soil: alluvial soil – sandy – Alluvial – loose rock
Average age of vines: 80 years
Grape variety: White-juiced Gamay noir


in the old-fashioned way Grapes picked by hand.


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