Domaine du Château de la Valette

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The Beaujolais exhibits an intense colour with hints of cherry or garnet, and the bouquet reveals aromas of berry fruits, dominated by blackcurrant and raspberry.


The perfect wine for entertaining, to serve with a salad, cold meats, a single-course meal, grilled meats; in Summer, it’s perfect to enjoy with a barbecue or picnic.
As an aperitif, you can serve it with blackcurrant or blackberry liqueur, to make a ‘communard’.


Total area of all the appellations combined: 14 hectares
Area of the ‘Domaine du Château de la Valette’ in the Beaujolais appellation: 0.65 hectares


Soil: Alluvial
Average age of vines: 40 years
Grape variety: White-juiced Gamay noir


Traditional - storage in enamelled vats
Bottled within 2 months of harvesting.
Grapes picked by hand

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