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Beaujolais Rosé

Beaujolais Rosé

Our Beaujolais Rosé is pale in colour, fresh and fruity, with a slight nutty taste on the finish.


Best enjoyed well chilled. Ideal to accompany your summer meals, fish and shellfish.
To keep all the freshness of its aromas, you should enjoy it in the year following the harvest.
Light and fruity, as an aperitif it teams up perfectly with pure fruit cordials like grapefruit, raspberry, etc.

8 / 10 % ABV


Total area of all the appellations combined: 14 hectares
Comes from a plot in the Beaujolais appellation


Soil: Alluvial
Average age of vines: 40 years
Grape variety: White-juiced Gamay noir


it takes just a short maceration to give it this delicate, tender colour.
Bottled within 2 months of harvesting.
Grapes picked by hand.

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